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Fall is one of our favorite seasons, and here’s proof. A little something special just for you.

Vaughn thought long and hard about how he could bring something new to the fall season, just like every other designer out there. But instead of trying to predict what other brands would do, he drew inspiration from what a true trendsetter would want—pieces that not only blend colors, but key attributes found in every pioneer, such as strength, determination and confidence. This led to D’1972 Collection, which features the stylish light-blue camo we’ll discuss in this post, and the all-black-everything color wave for those who love the color that never goes out of style.

For some, fall represents the end of summer. But we like to think of it as a creative opportunity for you to trigger the shift in your own style and wardrobe, in a way that people will take notice, for all the right reasons. Instead of the warm oranges, yellows and browns, Vaughn contrasts them with cool accents of light and dark blues, grays and even a hint of muted greens paired with a classic black to create a look that stands out without trying too hard.

D’1972’s Camo design allows you to celebrate the shift of the seasons on your own terms, and outside of the traditional fall color palette.

Inspired by the passing of Vaughn Jereaux’s brother, “D” stands for Darryl and “1972,” the year he was born. But don’t for a second think this is about sadness—it’s actually the complete opposite. Always larger than life and with a stylish palette to match, Daryl’s positive energy and vibrant charisma will live on in the sleek and classic all-black-everything color wave, and the subtle yet powerful light-blue Camo.

An ideal combination of Sophia Double Knit, Vegan Leather and Poly Spandex Camo, you’ll do more than make a statement this fall—you’ll celebrate, and everything it has to offer. Get a head start by clicking on your favorite style below, and countdown the days as it heads to you. Now, let the charming Yunis Torres and Jovanny Clemente show us how it’s done.


Short Sleeve Camo1_resized

Short Sleeve Sheer_resize

D' Cloak Sheer_Editorial_resize





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